Joris Luyendijk
Joris Luyendijk

JORIS LUYENDIJK (1971) studied Arabic and politics at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Cairo. He was editor in chief of Move Your World Magazine about young people and development cooperation. He has published articles in NRC Handelsblad and Het Parool and has been awarded the Journalist of the Year for 2006, selected from the top 40 most influential international journalists. He is also the author of TIP OF THE VEIL, an introduction to Islamic culture.

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HELLO EVERYBODY!: One journalist’s search for truth in the Middle East
Hello Everybody - UK front-cover image

(HET ZIJN NET MENSEN) published in the US as PEOPLE LIKE US, in Australia as FIT TO PRINT

In this huge bestseller in Holland, Luyendijk writes about the five years he spent as foreign correspondent. The youngest ever correspondent and fluent in Arabic, he spoke with stone throwers and terrorists, with taxi drivers and professors, with victims, aggressors and their families, experiencing first-hand the effects of dictatorship, occupation, terror and war. The more he lived through, the more surprised he became. An enormous gap yawned between what he saw as correspondent on the ground and what he later saw in the media. Luyendijk shows through powerful examples and with great humour how the media gives us a filtered, altered and manipulated image. A book full of insights about the lack of objective journalism, about media led reporting, an eye-opening account of what’s behind the news. Joris wrote a new afterword for the UK edition which came out in May 2010.

'A genuinely honest book, which takes the lid off reporting, particularly foreign reporting and particularly of the Arab world. There are very few journalists who are willing to be so open about the truth about their trade. It's also very readable.' Nick Davies, author of the best selling Flat Earth News

'What sets Hello Everybody! apart is that it is theory written by a practising journalist about a fantastically misunderstood region. The book applies beyond the Middle East: in Russia, where journalists trot around Kremlin press conferences as if that was the way to find out what was happening; and in South Africa, where journalists living in white Johannesburg suburbs were stunned by popular support for Jacob Zuma. Luyendijk’s next project is to try to propose a new way of doing journalism. Judging by certain recent misreadings of the world, it might help.' Financial Times

'The book is a road tale full of futile attempts to capture the reality of life on the ground while hamstrung by editors’ confinement to headline-grabbing events and the simple lack of reliable information in dictatorial societies. The book tells a powerful story for anyone who believes the goal of “good journalism” is worth striving for.' Time Out Chicago

'Superb...This book will make readers think twice when they scan
foreign news in the papers.' The Sunday Business Post

‘The best book I've read about the media, the best about the Middle East, and every page is a pleasure. If Joris Luyendijk finds as many readers in Britain as he did in the Netherlands, he could change the debate here too.’ Simon Kuper

‘Luyendijk is a great observer, his style is flawless and fortunately he can laugh at himself, which makes this book all the more entertaining and attractive.’ HP/De Tijd

‘For journalists this book is an absolute must read, just as it is for TV-watchers, radio-listeners and newspaper-readers.’ Elsevier

‘A revealing look behind the scenes of the media and the expression of personal revulsion make this a very strong book.’ NRC

‘Written with great knowledge and humour. One hopes this will be read by everyone who has a fixed opinion or solution to the conflict in the Middle East. Rises high above the average correspondent book.’ Trouw

‘Hold onto your hat and let go of your assumptions about journalism - disturbing, thought-provoking and ultimately profound.’ Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

‘Luyendijk's reflections make for uncomfortable and contradictory reading; the best journalism should be nothing less.’ Antony Loewenstein for the Sydney Morning Herald


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Material: Dutch (219pp); German, Italian, US and Australian editions.

A Corner of the Veil


Must women wear the veil and men a beard?
Must you chop off a thief's hand and a murderer's head?
What kind of a man was Mohammed?
Is Islam the new enemy?

More and more people in the West are coming into contact with Islam - on holiday, at work, at school or in their social life. And there are many questions that remain unanswered. TIP OF THE VEIL is the ideal first step for anyone who wants to know more about Islam. In clear prose and with colourful examples Joris Luyendijk leads the outsider through the past and the present of the most rapidly growing faith in the world.

'Everything you always wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask.' NRC Handelsblad

'A lot of fun and a useful book.' Paul de Leeuw

'An excellent writer. [He] thinks, looks and writes with the candor of someone who still has not chosen a side in a hopeless conflict.' Jury Gouden Pennetje


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Material: Dutch edition (107pp).

EGYPT: A Good Man Sometimes Hits His Wife


A young man goes to live for a year amongst Egyptians of his age - Muhammad the Feminist, Ali the Worrier, Fundamentalist Imad, Liberal Hazem. He talks to them about love, Islam, the West, sex, democracy, homosexuals, Jews, fundamentalism, emancipation and the meaning of life. He sees how everyday Egyptians live, have fun, hate and fall in love. Colourful, shocking, incredibly revealing and refreshing. Travel writing with a difference.

‘Luyendijk is a witty, intelligent and expert writer who describes life in Egypt with compassion.’ Observant


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Material: Dutch and German editions (220pp).