james sheridan
JAMES SHERIDAN is a novelist, award-winning copywriter, and public speaker. He is a former airline captain who holds a world airspeed record in experimental aircraft. He recently returned to live in the UK, while living in the US he spent time as an unofficial US government contract pilot and once flew the still secretive diplomatic mail flight between Miami and Havana, Cuba, an experience that changed his life forever.
the pandora prescription


The pharmaceutical giants have a big skeleton in their closet and will fight tooth and nail to keep it there.

Notorious unsolved mysteries author, Dan Travis, is on another book tour when a cryptic message from a desperate stranger blows his life apart. He is sucked into a silent war that hinges on an incriminating data file. Finding it is Travis’s only hope for surviving a deadly chase across America. But to find its location, Travis must discover the link between the biggest medical cover-up in history and the greatest assassination conspiracy of the twentieth century. The key lies within a secret underground of doctors sworn to a secret oath.

'I could not put it down. Behind this breakneck-speed story lies a sobering message for us all.' Jonathan Javitt, M.D., Adjunct professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

'Award-winning copywriter James Sheridan presents The Pandora Prescription, a suspenseful novel about a deadly secret kept by giant pharmaceutical companies, and the ruthless lengths to which they will go to protect it. Well-known author Dan Travis is on a book tour when a mysterious message from a stranger in distress changes his life forever. Drawn irrevocably into a secretive war, his only hope for survival is to find an incriminating data file before time runs out. The quest to uncover a link between a remorseless medical cover-up and a massive assassination conspiracy will take him across the country, and amid a hidden society of doctors who swore an ancient oath. A captivating, tautly written thriller for the twenty-first century.' Michael Dunford, The Midwest Book Review

'The facts behind the fiction create a rollercoaster, page-turning thriller. Highly recommended.' USA Book News

'Never before have tens of thousands signed a petition to ensure a book would not be banned.' American Library Association

'Just when I thought I was ahead of him, Sheridan expertly yanked another rug. Shocks, re-shocks and goosebumps! The Pandora Prescription is a big winner.' Thomas B. Sawyer, award-winning screenwriter and bestselling author, The Sixteenth Man


Colonial House Press USA

Baldini & Castoldi Italy

Suncolor Taiwan

New Star China

Tekin Turkey

Material: finished copies (490pp).