Annette Pas
Annette Pas
ANNETTE PAS writes in English and Dutch and is half-Belgian, half-Dutch. Brought up in Belgium in the countryside on the linguistic border between French and Flemish, she is currently living partly in Belgium, partly in Paris. She did her PhD in Psychology in the UK and has written academic texts about education, politics, culture and dialogue. She graduated from Oxford University with a Masters degree in Creative Writing. While at Oxford, she also wrote and performed pieces in comedy programmes on student radio. She is currently completing a new novel.

A STRANGE INTIMACY ('s nachts doe ik


A Strange Intimacy

It would seem that Liesbeth has everything she has ever dreamed of: a beautiful house, a glittering career and above all Paulus, her handsome and successful fiancé. It's only in the bedroom that things aren't working. To save her upcoming marriage, sweet well behaved Liesbeth decides to throw all her neat middle class values out the window and go find her old friend Philomena, who inhabits an underworld of decadent affairs and perverse obsessions. Philomena will be able to teach her how to have an orgasm. Her evening with Philomena has dramatic consequences and enflames previously unknown passions in Paulus. Liesbeth, who just wants to be a respectable housewife and mother, is forced to live a blood-curdling double life because, if she wants to hold on to Paulus, it is going to take a lot more than fishnet stockings and suspenders. Paulus and Liesbeth get caught up in a dangerous game where the lines between pain and lust, passion and insanity become blurred. Behind the closed doors of their beautiful house Liesbeth has to break love's last taboo...

A biting, intense, often hilarious, brave and highly intelligent satire on today's world, it's obsessions, passions, ignorance and misunderstandings. A beautifully crafted extremely insightful literary novel.

Never before have the tragic and the comic been so ingeniously interwoven.


Prometheus NL


Material: finished copies of Dutch edition; complete English translation.

The country where I love you

Set against the rise of right wing politics this first novel is a kind of love-story (not sexual) between an older scatty maths professor called Jean-Claude and his dead brother's traumatised little daughter Bérénice whom he adopts, despite knowing nothing of children or women. He nurses her (and in the process himself) back to life. It's moving, engaging, centres on universal themes and gives a hilarious portrait of Belgium.

With a host of vividly drawn and thoroughly engaging characters, amongst them: Mr Abdullah, Jean-Claude’s neighbour and friend of many years standing and his (too) many wives; the mysterious Elvira the only woman Jean-Claude has ever felt at ease with, whose ex was beautiful but politically terrifying, who now lives with disfigured, maimed Jefke; Jean Claude’s colleagues at the university; the misguided Harvard Martha who invades all their lives and the ever encroaching Sigrid Verdronken, Jean Claude’s neighbour on the other side whose shed looks more like a bunker and who seems to have evil plans for Jean Claude and little Bérénice. Tension builds as you fear more and more for these characters whose gifts for friendship and love make them unforgettable.

‘This is that rare thing - a novel so full of energy, so endlessly inventive, so completely distinctive, that every page holds surprises. Compare it to Benigni's portrait of a traumatised world in La vita e bella, for here too is a world one should weep over. But then, like Benigni, Pas proves that laughter is the only real weapon in the fight against despair. It is the tragedy of clowns - ridiculous and undignified in form, yet never lacking pathos or genuine humanity. It is a book that enables both the foolish and the wise to learn forgiveness.’ Dr J D Ballam, University of Oxford, Director of the Diploma in Creative Writing

‘A compelling story, charmingly told. The Country Where I love You is a beautiful and wonderfully funny read.’ Paula B. Stanic, London playwright, winner of the 2008 Alfred Fagon Award

‘A marvellous first novel. Hilariously funny and deliciously dark yet heart-breakingly honest. If Brueghel had turned his hand to writing, this would have been it - a carnivalesque celebration of life, an enchanting troubadour's tale of kings and rascals, wise fools and truthful cheats, where the comic and the tragic walk hand in hand.’ Prof Em. Michael Reynolds, professor in Psychology, Lancaster University, UK


Uitgeverij Vrijdag Belgium and NL

Film being made by Julien Vebros, script by Pas.

Material: manuscript in English; Dutch edition (336pp).